Light for life

A new approach for disabled people in Bulgaria

Our Mission


To develop and promote
specialist rehabilitation care for
people with disabilities in Bulgaria and
to enable them to fulfill their potential,
enjoy a better quality of life
and be accepted as
valuable members of society.

About Us

About Us



Why was Light for Life formed?

Light for Life provides a much needed service in the lives of disabled adults. Government funded care is available for individuals for only 20 days in a yearand only if they can get to the institutionby themselves. Any hope for quality of life requires sustained rehabilitation and care. Our organization aims to make this financially viable.

Who receives our services?

People diagnosed with neurological disorders such as a stroke, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, etc.

Home and Community based services provided
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological help and therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Technical equipment
  • Art activities
  • Social integration trips in adapted transport




After a client has been medically approved for services, Light for Life provides them with client-focused, multidisciplinary rehabilitation. The foundation works to improve the quality of lives.  The multidisciplinary rehabilitation we provide includes:  ...



We are INNOVATORS in Bulgaria for: 

  • Offering home based rehabilitation by a multidisciplinary team applying holistic care approach.
  • Providing professional support to children who look after their disabled parent.
  • Training young wheelchair users in skills for independent mobility so they can train others.
  • Providing wheelchairs free of charge, adaptive equipment and training.
  • Training people in safety techniques while caring for those with disabilities in accordance with European standards.
  • Running active therapeutic programmes in governmental institutions for the disabled, including residents and personnel.
  • A financially accessible resource for people with disabilities.




Проект: BG05M9OP001-2.032-0051-C01 „Социално включване на хора с увреждания в живота на общността“
Обща стойност на проекта: 197 492.68 лв., от които 167 868.78 лв. европейско и 29 623.90 лв. национално съфинансиране.

Прессъобщение от фондация “Светлина за живот”:
През м. май 2019г. Фондация “Светлина за живот” получи дарение от Благотворителна фондация към Международен Женски Клуб-София ( за реализация на проект “Нови възможности за хора с увреждания и семействата им чрез култура, изкуство и спорт”

Light for Light song

Light for Life song “Svetlina za Zhivot”

Light for Life promotional film

Our promotional film for Light for Life in English (13.48 min long) is released and is now available here. For your convenience, here is the link -



For more than thirteen years already, Light for Light successfully runs its programmes and activities with the generous support of Light for Life-UK,    IWC-Bulgaria, Government institutions, NGOs as well as privately acknowledged donors from Bulgaria and foreign countries.


  1. Financial support to continue to provide and develop our treatment programmes.
  2. Health professionals and teaching institutions in other nations willing to cooperate in partnerships to provide training and development for Light for Life team and other Bulgarian therapists


  • advertise Light for Life
  • become a volunteer and encourage others
  • buy crafts hand-made by our clients
  • donate materials for art activities
  • go on a one day trip or to fun events with clients’ kids
  • organize/ participate in charity events
  • participate in our art activities
  • visit a client



We depend on financial donations in order to continue our work helping people with disabilities develop their potential.

If you would like to help support the work of
Light for Life please send your donations to:

Recipient – The Foundation Light for Life – Sofia

Bank accounts – Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD, Sofia


Bank account in BGN – BG22RZBB91551061006919
Bank account in EUR – BG10RZBB91551461006908
Bank account in GBP – BG05RZBB91551561006917

In each annual report our foundation informs donors how our funds have been spent. If you would like to give a donation and need more information, please contact our office for details. Along with financial donations, Light for Life also accepts gently used clothing, shoes, teaching aids or arts, and crafts materials. Each donor receives a receipt acknowledging their donation.



Address: Light for Life Foundation, P.O. Box 31, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria


Telephone: +359 887 485 052 (Meggie Orozki – Co-founder and Board member)

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